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The Value of One

Promoting dignity and respect for people with developmental disabilities.

The Arc of Riverside County, California, a nonprofit charitable organization,  is searching for artistic renderings/ideas for a mural on a smooth brick wall bordering our main office that will illustrate the concept of “The Value of One.”

“The Value of One” is our affirmation that all people, with and without disabilities, have inherent value.  Currently, people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities are not always provided the level of dignity and respect they rightfully deserve as they take their place in our communities.  Our goal is to make this wall a visual statement illustrating our belief in the value of everyone and that it will be seen by those coming to our location and by those interested in our campaign for greater dignity and respect of people with disabilities.

A prize of $1,000 will be awarded to the person with the winning design.  We have no preconceived ideas for this design, except that we want the logo to be incorporated into the mural in some manner, although it does not need to be a literal representation.  The wall is located at 8138 Mar Vista Court, Riverside, CA, 92504 and is approximately 100 feet long and between 10 and 12 feet high.

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